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Can I get my donuts shipped?

We have partnered with UBER EATS, DOOR DASH, POSTMATES, GRUBHUB and also have our own delivery service for the San Antonio area. Unfortunately, in order to keep our donuts as fresh as possible, we do not ship our donuts outside of the San Antonio area.

I have a nut/gluten allergy. Are you a nut-free/gluten free facility?

Sorry, we are not a nut/tree or gluten free facility. All of our donuts are made on the same equipment and in the same workspace so, unfortunately, there is possibility of cross contamination. We also use dairy products and some meats. BUT - everything else we use is vegan-friendly.

Can I save my donuts for tomorrow?

Donuts should be enjoyed the same day they are ordered/ picked up, so customers can taste the freshness of our donuts. It’s not recommended to keep overnight. All donuts with cereals or specialty toppings should be eaten within a few hours from pick-up to ensure freshness of toppings.

How far in advance and where can I place a custom order?

The sooner the better. We can get booked easily, especially during the weekends (Friday to Sunday) and cannot guarantee that every order submitted can be fulfilled until we've contacted you back and your order is paid in full. We recommend at least a week in advance for special orders.

Email would be the best way to place your special order:

We can also take orders by phone 210-265-5423. We require payment in full so we can save your spot and process your order.

I already placed my order, but have a question or need to make a change.

If your order is scheduled for next day, please contact our storefront at 210-265-5423 and be ready to provide us with the name on the order. If it is not scheduled for next day, please contact us immediately through email at

I would like to cancel my order. Can I get a refund?

All orders to be 100% refunded if cancelled at least 48 hours before the order date/time. 

No refunds for no shows or same-day cancellations, sorry!

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